Exotic on paper

  • focus

    It's the eye of a green iguana and is called "focus into the past" - pastel on card 30 x 21 cm. - only prints AVAILABLE - original not for sale

  • king

    My first reptile painting was a green iguana (Iguana iguana). These animals are also very famous because loads of people keep them in terrariums without realising that these animals can grow quite BIG - up to 1,80m is not unusual and because of this they are often kept in much to confined spaces. 50x40cm pastels called "Blue King" - SOLD!

  • safe

    My first pastel painting was this frog - a red eyed tree frog (Agalychnis callidryas). It's a symbol for the upcoming trend to keep animals like these at home. A big amount of wild captured animals are brought to Europe every year and conditions in which they should be kept are extremely complex. They often die after days, weeks or month. Pastel on card, 50x40cm called "better wild" - AVAILABLE!

  • dragon

    The "Underwater Dragon", Pastel on card, A3. It's a close up of an crested newt, this colourful amphibium is in reality only 12-16cm long and only wears it´s crest during the mating season. (Triturus cristatus) - SOLD!

  • toads

    This painting is named "Mirror toads" Bufo bufo - these amphibs are highly endangered because of the destruction of their habitat. Pastels 17 x 31 cm - AVAILABLE!

  • relict

    This painting depicts a Morelet's crocodile (Crocodylus moreletii). These reptiles grow to a maximal size of 3,50m and can be found exclusively in freshwater habitats (mostly small lakes and swamps) in Central America and along the Gulf of Mexico stretching through Belize, Guatemala, and to Mexico. The Morelet's crocodile has long been threatened by habitat destruction and illegal hunting which has lowered it´s population significantly. This is a pencil painting in A4 size and i have named it "Relict" - AVAILABLE!

  • jump

    This little guy is a costa rica tree frog. It is a 10x10 cm pastell painting on card and also depicts these animals in their real size. - SOLD