Stefan Knöpfers love for art and inparticularly drawing became apparent at a very early age but at these earl stages he could not specify it as such. It all started with his simple love for pencils and pens of all kind. A white sheet of paper, did back then and still does today, inspire him deeply. With passing years Stefan discovered the very complex interrelations and forms of art and learned to put them to paper which also enabled him to finally show how creative he really was. He was born 1985 in Schwechat and also grew up in this very green city close to Vienna. Nature and inparticularly animals have always inspired him which inevitable led to his favoured motives. Accompanying his training as an animalkeeper he discovered his desire to depict these animals as realistically as possible - the alternative to the living counterparts in the living room.

"As mother nature is undoubtedly the best artist the only goal of humans can be to try and imitate her as best they can, even though he can never hope to be equal to her.

If you would like to have your favoured pet or a wild animal depicted in a realistic way (pastel painting) or as a pencil drawing please send an mail to