Birds of prey

Paintings of birds of prey and owls.

  • hk

    Headstudy of a Ural owl.

  • spring

    Here is a present for the proud new parents at Egs Verein - the bearded vultures! Well done! Also well done to the team, like every year! Its in pastels on Pastelmat. EGS Team: The chick will be soon delivered! Thanks for the great work!!! The painting is called "winter spring" — mit Birds of prey by Stefan Knöpfer. - SOLD

  • sk

    Pencildrawing, Size A4

  • gyps

    This is the first painting of - "birds of prey". The bearded vulture, Gypaetus barbatus. Pastel on card. A3.

  • Alb

    Pencildrawing of a grey sea eagle, A4. SOLD, Prints available